FCA Warns Citizens Over FTX’s Lack of Authorization to Operate in the UK

UK’s FCA says crypto exchange FTX is not authorized to operate in the country. It warns citizens of the risks of investing in unregistered companies.

WazirX Joins Binance To Delist USDC And Other Stablecoins

WazirX has announced the delisting of three stablecoins: USDC, USDP, and TUSD, and their auto-conversion to Binance USD. Like Binance, WazirX believes this move would help enhance liquidity and capital efficiency.

CZ Binance Supports Biden’s Regulatory Policy

In light of the new crypto regulations by the US Presidency, CZ Binance has shown his support for the policy. Zhao stated the new policy's positive effects would help drastically eliminate illicit activities.

Binance Loses $20M Worth Of HNT Tokens Due To An Accounting Bug

Binance misallocated over $20M in Helium tokens due to a glitch that caused the platform to count HNT and MOBILE tokens as one.

FTX Emerges As The Top Bidder In The Auction To Buy Voyager’s Assets

FTX submitted the highest offer to purchase Voyager Digital’s assets by outbidding Wave Financial in an auction that began earlier this week.

WazirX Resumes Operations After ED Unfreezes Its Assets

India's Enforcement Directorate (ED) lifted the sanctions it had earlier imposed on WazirX’s bank accounts, allowing the latter to resume its services.

Coinberry Sues Users After Losing 120 BTC Due To A Software Glitch

Coinberry filed a lawsuit against 50 users who exploited a vulnerability in its software to drain $3M worth of Bitcoin assets.

SEBA Bank Launches Ethereum Staking Services

Switzerland’s SEBA Bank integrated support for Ethereum staking just a few days before the much-anticipated Ethereum Merge goes live.

Binance US Launches High-Yield Ethereum Staking Ahead Of Ethereum Merge

With the anticipated happening of the Merge event, Binance US has launched a high-yield staking product for users. But there is a caveat stating that rewards may change depending on factors like transaction fees.

Binance To Stop Supporting USDC And Other Stablecoins By September 29

In the coming weeks, Binance would stop supporting USDC and other stablecoins in a bid to increase liquidity. This doesn't mean that they are delisting these tokens as users can still deposit and withdraw them.

UK Mandates Crypto Exchanges To Provide Reports Of Suspected Sanction Breaches

The OFSI updated its guidelines to force all “cryptoasset exchange and custodial wallet providers” operating in the UK to report suspected sanction violations to the regulatory firm.

ShadowFi Loses $301K In A 2-Phase Attack On Its Liquidity Pool

ShadowFi lost 1,078 BNB tokens in a 2-phase exploit attack that drained the DeFi platform’s liquidity pool to $0.

Ava Labs Denies Crypto Leaks’ Conspiracy Accusations

Ava Labs CEO dismissed accusations that the firm paid off Roche Freedman to sue its competitors.

VGX Surges By 125% In 24 Hours Following Rumors Of Voyager's Takeover

Voyager's native token, VGX, saw a sudden rise as its value surges by over 125% within 24 hours while rumors of the platform's buyout begin to circulate. 

Binance Freezes Tezos Developer’s Corporate Account Worth $1M

Crypto exchange Binance restricts Tezos developer Baking Bad’s $1M worth of crypto assets over a law enforcement request. Additionally, Binance accuses the Tezos tool contributor of misleading the community with its false claims.

Blockchain Investigator Claims Ronin Bridge Hackers Moved $625M To Bitcoin Network

The perpetrators behind one of the largest crypto hacks allegedly used Tornado Cash as one of the several means to conceal the transactions and transfer the $625M worth of USDC and Ethereum tokens to the Bitcoin network.

Retail Investors Massively Adopting Bitcoin and Crypto Amid The Inflation - Binance Executive

Worldwide inflation pushes investors to adopt Bitcoin and other cryptos in a bid to protect themselves.

Uzbekistan Blocks Access To Unlicensed Crypto Exchanges

Authorities of Uzbekistan have begun restricting access to crypto exchanges and trading platforms that are not registered under the nation’s laws.

Binance And WazirX In Dialogue To Resolve Ownership Dispute

Crypto exchanges, Binance and WazirX, are trying to reach an agreement over the ownership disagreement between them.

Binance To Support Ethereum Merge And May List Fork Tokens

The notable Ethereum “Merge” event could lead to many forks and Binance is open to listing them on the exchange.